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The Consumer MarketBase is one of the most extensive B2C marketing databases in Germany. With its lifestyle information, over 19 million pieces of building data, 30 million consumer addresses, and customer and structural data from the Otto Group, the Customer MarketBase is a unique basis for effective and efficient marketing activities in all areas of modern target group marketing.

Products purchased on the internet or through mail-order catalogues are valuable indicators of customer interests, purchasing activity and individual needs. All of this information is contained in the Consumer MarketBase and can help us identify individual target groups for you, offering you enormous potential for successful dialogue marketing.
The regularly updated information and countless combinations of selection criteria enable you to effectively reach your target group.

More details about our data services on our fact sheet:

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Success through Analytical Services

Trends are constantly changing in our fast moving times. Consumers don’t demonstrate the brand loyalty that they used to. Because of this, the demands of a product and how that product is marketed keep changing. This is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Identify the wishes of your customers and align your offers, your marketing activities and the parameters of your target group to those wishes. We can quickly help put you into a position where you can learn more about your customers and their needs so that you can react flexibly to new developments in the market.

We can analyse your customer base and compile profiles of both current and prospective customers, thus providing you with important details about their consumer behaviour and lifestyles. This information can be used to plan and implement your advertising campaigns, thus increasing the chance that you will reach the exact people who will later buy your product. It also reduces wastage.

Make use of the information, which is hidden in your customer base. We can help you to unlock this treasure trove of information so that you can be more successful in your current and future marketing activities.

More details about our analytical services on our fact sheet:

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Schober Direct Media – Your specialist for target groups.

Schober Direct Media is the specialist for target group marketing and target group addresses and has been a joint venture of the Schober and Otto Group for over 15 years. Schober Direct Media is responsible for the consumer data business within the Schober Group.

With its team of experienced experts Schober Direct Media continuously develops the Consumer MarketBase, which is a market-wide household database for the country of Germany. Make use of the experience, knowhow and information from one of the leading providers in the fields of target group and database marketing.

Successful dialogue marketing requires the effective and coordinated interplay of many factors: product range, appealing to the customer on an individual level with a properly tailored approach and the right timing. Of course, most important is selecting and reaching the correct target group. With the products from our Consumer MarketBase and the analytical services of our experts you can appeal to your target groups more efficiently and successfully.

You can minimise the amount of wastage while raising response rates and the loyalty of your new customers.


Schober Direct Media – Management

Marco Gaspar

gasparAfter completing his commercial training at OTTO and studying Business Management at Leuphana University Lüneburg Marco Gaspar held various positions in sales and marketing at OTTO from 1993 to 2001. With its founding in 2001 he joined Schober Direct Media and developed the product MarketBase as well as the field of Database Consulting. From 2005 to 2007 he managed a dialogue marketing agency. Since joining the EOS Group in autumn of 2007 he has been active in various executive roles in risk management and dialogue marketing. He has also managed Schober Direct Media since the summer of 2008.




Schober Direct Media – Cooperation Partners

Schober Group

The Schober Group is one of the leading marketing service providers of addresses, data, services and technological solutions in Germany. It holds a 50% interest in Schober Direct Media.


EOS Group

The EOS Group is one of the leading international providers of financial services outside of regulated banking and insurance providers. Their range of services spans the fields of receivables management, liquidity management and information management. Their emphasis is on receivables management. EOS has been and will continue to be one of the most successful and companies of the Otto Group. It holds a 50% interest in Schober Direct Media.




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